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Birthdate:Jan 26
Location:KY, United States of America
Website:♥My Facebook♥
The Girl.

My name's April. I'm just a girl and as long as you don't ask more of me then I can give you, we will be just fine. What you see is what you get. Unless you take the time to look behind this mask...

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 20. This makes my life extremely hard at times, but we all have our cross to bear. I've also been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

I enjoy spending time with my fiance, y fur babies, my parents and my friends. I also love being online, graphics, facebook, staying up late, sleeping in late, watching movies, reading, writing, posing for pictures, psychology and dancing.

I consider myself to be spiritual. I don't really consider myself to be religious, but I believe there's something out there and I believe in treating everyone kindly and with respect. I'm extremely open minded and love learning about new things. When it comes to politics, I'm very liberal and I'm big into animal's rights as well as the rights of the gay community.

I enjoy the darker things in life and can be somewhat of a morbid person. Psychology (as well as para psychology) interests me. I love getting inside the mind of others and trying to find out why people do things. I'm a HUGE fan of horror movies as well.

I'm an emotional extremist and am up and down a lot. I feel things much more deeply then most people. It may take awhile to get to know me and for me to consider you a true friend. But once you have my friendship, you'll have it forever. I have my oddities and I keep some things to myself. I'm impulsive, self destructive, wild...and you'll either love me or hate me. ;)

The Love.

I've been with my fiance Boo for over 4 years now. I knew from the first time he kissed me that we would have something magical. I knew he was The One. We've been through some crazy times, but we always manage to get through them and love each other even more. I know he's my soul-mate and I'll never stop loving him. I also know that he truly loves me and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. I love to just hang out with him, cuddle on the couch and watch movies together. We met back back in October of 2008 and moved in together in an apartment soon after. About a year after that, we got us a house by my parents and we live in it now with our five house cats. I love my little family, and I couldn't live without them! ♥

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